Frequently Asked Questions

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BACKSTAGE DRAMA is a community and independent theater fundraising project produced with the talents of both theater and the film and television communities. BACKSTAGE DRAMA takes place in the fictional town of “Grand River, Michigan” with the intention of showcasing the enormous talents of the volunteer theater community found in cities, large and small, around the country. Produced and Created by the Emmy® Award winning team of Teresa L. Thome and Patrick W. Ziegler, the episodes include original music by Tony® Award winning performer, Levi Kreis, and Chicago natives and Harold Arlen Award winning team Cheryl Coons and Chuck Larkin.

Why should I purchase a Backstage Pass?

BACKSTAGE PASS is a unique way to raise funds for the theater of your choice. The first five episodes of the award-winning BACKSTAGE DRAMA web series is provided, free of charge, for your viewing enjoyment. You are then invited to “Support” the project – and the theater of your choice – with the purchase of a BACKSTAGE PASS. Your $10.00 investment will give you SPECIAL access “backstage” – additional web content, exclusive interviews, deleted scenes, and extended music available just for you! And, 50% of your purchase will support the theater of your choice!

Make a purchase because 1) you enjoyed the series and want to see more episodes and/or 2) you want to support your favorite community theater!

How do I get my favorite theater to benefit from Backstage Drama?

Any theater that wishes to participate can become an affiliate member of BACKSTAGE DRAMA. Each participating theater will receive 50% of each sale made as a result of traffic from their respective theater. Sign-up to become an affiliate program takes only minutes. Direct any interested theaters to this link.

What is an affiliate program?

The BACKSTAGE DRAMA affiliate program is managed by Share-A-Sale, a Chicago-based firm founded in 2000 and currently serving more than 2,600 clients. On behalf of Fubble Entertainment/Backstage Drama, Share-A-Sale manages the sale of all subscriptions through PayPal. Share-A-Sale sends a check, based on the percentage of sales by each originating theater. For example if you are with the “Grand River Civic Theater” and sign up to be an affiliate, every time a visitor at your Grand River Civic website clicks through to www.backstagedrama.com using the link on your website, and makes a subscription purchase, your theater will receive a percentage of that sale.

Anyone with a website or blog can be an affiliate with any of the Share-A-Sale accounts.

Currently, BACKSTAGE DRAMA is seeking only community and independent theaters to be affiliates, as this is intended to be a fundraiser for community and independent theaters.

How do I utilize Backstage Drama to raise funds for my favorite theater?

Remember, the BACKSTAGE PASS (at BackstageDrama.com/Support) provides 50% of each sale to a participating community theater. So first, get your theater to become a recipient by signing up at this link. Next, tell people! You can do email promotions, Facebook updates and even an ad in your theater program. From time to time, BACKSTAGE DRAMA will run promotions that will bring additional dollars to your theater. The team at BACKSTAGE DRAMA is always looking for new ways to enhance the site and BACKSTAGE PASS. Send your ideas or questions to info@backstagedrama.com.

How else can I participate in BACKSTAGE DRAMA?

Do you have a favorite theater volunteer or donor that you would like to see featured on the BACKSTAGE DRAMA website? Affiliate members are invited to send us an email at supporter@backstagedrama.com with a Vimeo or Youtube link that can be included in the Supporter Videos Section of our website. Are you developing an interesting program to raise dollars for your theater or have you implemented a very successful fundraising program, let us know, in the future we will feature unique fundraising programs.

Who has access to my information?

Only BACKSTAGE DRAMA and its executive producer, Fubble Entertainment, LLC has access to your information. We will not sell your information or forward your contact information to any individual or business at any time without your expressed consent.